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AquaGen / Kubota Kit
The AquaGen Kubota Kit

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And now...introducing our new 12v Genset, the
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Most products are sold duty free to Canadian residents.

Dan receives RCMP award

Dan Forest, President and CEO of Aquamarine Inc., based in Washington State, USA, Recognized by RCMP Marine Division

One of our Watermaker systems has recently completed a circumnavigation of North America through the Northwest Passage, aboard the P/V "St. Roch II" with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Ahoy, skipper!

Thank you for your interest in AquaMarine, Inc's quality yet affordable, MODULAR CRUISING WATERMAKER SYSTEMS.

Our designs are based on over thirty-five years of sailing experience, emphasizing quality, simplicity, dependability and ease of installation. The needs of the cruising sailor are always foremost in our mind.

The information on this site contains the detailed specifications and sizes for our unique Reverse Osmosis Combination Domestic, Brackish, and Sea-water Purification/Desalination Modular Kits and Pre-Assembled Mainframe Watermaker Units. We have found that as many of our customers are outfitting for world cruising, they are looking for additional products and equipment. We are able to supply a range of related products, such as alternators, generators at discount prices because of our ability to buy in bulk. Click on Related Products on the menu to see the full range.


The marine or land based reverse osmosis process uses semi-permeable spiral wound membranes to separate and remove dissolved solids (including salt), organics, giardia, pathogens, sub-micron colloidal matter bacteria and virus from contaminated water. Temperature dependent feed water is delivered under high pressure through the permeators, where water permeates the minute pores of the membrane and is delivered as purified product water. To prevent premature membrane failure, the percentage of product water to the total input feed water for a single sea-water membrane should never be more than the membrane manufacturer's recommendations. (See specification sheets.) Impurities in the feed water are concentrated in the reject stream, "brine water," where it is flushed out to the drain. Reverse osmosis is capable of removing 99.5% of the total dissolved solids (salts), organics, 100% of giardia, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

When considering which reverse osmosis watermaker unit is best to purchase, one should be aware of the trade-off between the longevity of a portable, hand or low amperage DC operated survival unit and a serious full time cruising water maker.

Originally designed for the military, the hand operated (low amperage) 12 volt DC units work well for their intended intermittent use in a survival situation. For these small units to achieve the greatest amount of product water (35%) from the least amount of energy, it is necessary to reduce the amount feed water used to continually flush out the membrane. This destroys the membrane in a very short time, about a year more or less, an acceptable trade-off in survival situations.

The question to ask when shopping for an R.0. unit is, "The product water is what percentage of the total feed water?" The answer will tell the whole story. It should never be more than 5% for a single sea-water membrane of the same size used in these small diameter survival units. On our larger units, we never exceed the manufacturer's engineering recommended flux rates on the membranes.

Our personal experience in the beginning of our research and development was that most cruising vessel watermaker installations were too small with too high a duty cycle. This greatly detracted from the cruising enjoyment. The objective is not to become a "slave" to your vessel but to enjoy your cruising!

Since the initial cost of the R.0. membrane modules is the highest percentage of the overall unit price, it makes more sense, when amortizing initial cost against the life-span of the unit, to go with a larger output and lower duty cycle -- bigger is less expensive -- thereby not having to repair or replace a portable R.0. unit almost every year. Most experienced cruisers will keep their vessel an average of ten years or more. So shouldn't a watermaker be a long-term investment as well? (We do recommend a small backup, hand-operated, portable unit be stored in a vessel's survival bag, where it belongs!)

Again, thank you for your interest. We look forward to providing you with the best of service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call(800)376-3091 or e mail us at aquamakers@juno.com.


Daniel L. Forest

President & CEO AquaMarine, Inc

Shown in the center is one of our most popular watermaker kits, the belt driven system. Components and detailed installation instructions for a complete installation are included in the kit. We also have a toll-free "800" Number Helpline to make your installation trouble-free!

AquaMarine units are built tough for the Arctics and the Tropics. They are custom engineered for your vessel, cabin, recreational vehicle, resort, or marina. The kits are easy to assemble, however we can arrange installation by one of our professionals if preferred. Electric, Hydraulic or Belt driven kits with 200 through 100,000 gallons-per-day capacity are available.

Contact us with your requirements, and we can engineer a system to fit your needs!


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Most products are sold duty free to Canadian residents.