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2001 - 02 - 01

Dear sir:

The St. Roch II, Voyage of Rediscovery progam, was proud to have one of your fresh water RO units play such an important role in the recent historic voyage. During the circumnavigation of North America fresh potable water was a critical concern for the officers and crew of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police patrol vessel "Nadon" (St. Roch II).

The Nadon is a small (21m) aluminum vessel and space for the 24,000 nautical mile journey was at a premium. Your unit took advantage of previously unused portions of the vessel, and indeed removed the necessity of a large fresh water storage system and freed up other areas of the vessel interior.

Not only did the Aquamarine unit permit a virtually unlimited supply of fresh water for the St. Roch II, it permitted us the opportunity to supply freshwater to other vessels, and even land based facilities we encountered on the journey!

The Aquamarine RO system was equally effective In the high arctic (up to 75 north latitude) as it was during the hot and humid Panama passage. During foul weather, and fair weather, the Aquamarine system kept working. Superior installatIon and minimal maintenance made your equipment a pleasure to have along with us.

I am glad to hear that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have decided to include the Aquamarine watermaking system as standard equipment on the Nadon when it returns to normal duties.

Warmest regards,

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