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Belt Drive R.O. WaterMaker Kit

This kit is designed to be belt driven from the main engine or generator set. The kit comes complete with all necessary items except the mounting bracket to attach to the engine. While bulkhead mounting of the high pressure pump is possible, we strongly recommend a mounting bracket that is directly attached to the engine or generator set. Custom stainless steel mounting brackets are available for Westerbeke generator sets. (This kit does not include additional pulleys for your main engine. Contact AquaMarine or your nearest engine supplier.)

We invite our customers to send us pictures of their completed installations. We have included some on this page.

Installation on a Westerbeke (click for more) Another customer installation (click for more) Customer Installation on a Yanmar (click for more) Pump driven by pulley on prop shaft (with refrigeration compressor) (click for full size picture)

Membranes and pre-filters for the prop shaft installation (click for full size picture) Another view (click for full size picture) Installation on a Ford Lehman (click for full size picture) Another view of the Ford (click for full size picture)

Installation on a Perkins (click for full size picture) Customer installation on an unknown motor (click for full size picture) Same motor before pump is installed (click for full size picture) A nicely done customer installation (click for more)

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