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Electric Drive R.O. WaterMaker Kit

This electrically driven RO system features a high efficiency electrical motor, which greatly reduces the starting requirements. As a result, this kit can be operated from either the ship's generator set or from a 2.5 kw squarewave inverter (50 or 60 Hz).

We invite our customers to send us pictures of their completed installations. We have included some on this page.

110 volt installation Another view of the 110 volt Control panel for a 1500 GPD unit Stainless steel control panels

10000 GPD Control panel 5000 GPD Pump Aquamate Semi-Modular System Aquamate Electric/Belt Drive Combination

110 volt 1.5 HP high efficiency motor Same motor with direct drive pump 600 GPD mainframe unit 1000 GPD mainframe unit

Remotely mounted RO membrane One of our professional installers with a remote control panel Complete under sink installation (click for more photos) 220 volt installation on the Orion (click for more photos)
Customer installation of 110 volt system

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