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Kubota Diesel Engines

Aquamarine Inc is an authorized Kubota dealer

Kubota makes a full range of water-cooled diesel engines, from 4 to 13.5 HP single cylinder horizontal models, as well as two cylinder horizontal and up.

More power for heavy-duty operations
Though light and compact, these engines generate plenty of power for heavy-duty jobs. And the lower weight per output rating makes them easier to transport.

Superior starting and durability
Eack Kubota engine is specially designed for smooth, stable starting every time. And durability is built in to ensure reliable performance over long periods of usage.

Low vibration and noise levels
improved combustion, injection and exhaust systems have resulted in a series of engines that are far quieter than conventional diesel engines in the same class.

Simple, maintenance-free operation
A one-touch air elimination button, 2 filters to keep fuel and lubricating oil clean, and simple speed-adjustment are just some of the features which make operation a breeze.

Aquamarine can supply these motors either as they come from the factory, or completely 'marinized', that is, ready for installation in a marine environment. We offer very competitive prices, contact us now with your requirements!

Kubota EA 300 Water Cooled Diesel Engine

EA 300 Specifications
Type Horizontal, water-cooled 4-cycle diesel engine
No. of cylinders 1
Bore X Stroke [mm (in)] 75 x 70 (2.95 x 2.76)
Displacement [cc (cu.in.)] 309 (18.86)
SAE Gross Intermittent BHP (HP/rpm) 7.7/3000
SAE Net Intermittent BHP (HP/rpm) 7.0/3000
SAE Net Continuous BHP (HP/rpm) 6.0/3000
Maximum torque (lbf-ft/rpm) 13.24/2400 at Net Intermittent
Combustion system Spherical
Compression ratio 23
Fuel injection pump type Bosch "mini" type
Nozzle type Bosch "throttle" type
Injection timing TC-23 deg
Nozzle type Bosch "throttle" type
Cooling system Nickel bronze heat exchanger
Lubrication system Forced lubricating by trochoid pump
Direction of revolution Counterclockwise (from flywheel side)
Fuel ASTM No 2 diesel fuel or equivalent
Lubrication oil Quality better than API service CC class
Lubricating oil capacity [lit (US gal)] 1.2 (0.32)
Dry weight [kg(lbs.)] 54 (119.1)
Starting system Hand and electric
Starter 12V 0.8kw
Alternator (click here for more details) 14V DC large case SAE rated 180 amps (150 amps available when using watermaker)

TVCS for steady, efficient operation
Kubota's TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) is a revolutionary system that provides super-efficient fuel spray combustion. The three vortexes within the combustion chamber produce the ideal air/fuel mixture, which ensures complete combustion for greater power output and steadier operation. In fact, with this unique system, Kubota's compact, lightweight engines can produce the same power output as much larger conventional engines.

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