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Kubota 150 Amp 12 volt DC Diesel Genset


The MyT-Gen 150 amp. is a compact, lightweight diesel generator with a custom 200 amp. alternator for better cooling.

The MyT-Gen 150 amp. is powered by the Kubota diesel, the same motor used in Aquamarine's popular "AquaGen" Genset/watermaker. The fan cooled radiator with backup alternator and fuel tank can also be removed,Marine heat exchanger with wet or dry exhaust combinations are available on all units whether for sea or land use. Note that our Kubota engines retain the original Kubota two year factory warranty.

We custom build these units to your specification. They are highly adaptable and additional components such as hydraulic pumps, emergency bilge pumps, refrigeration compressors, watermakers can easily be added. If you want to start with a basic unit and add on later that is available, as long as we know what you have planned.          
Note: It is the purchaser's responsibility to supply a safety belt/pulley guard for this kit.

Basic model on the left with original gravity feed fuel tank and radiator/fan installed but they can also be removed and the alternator mounted on top.


  • Kubota diesel engine with internal vibration damping counter balances.
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets, and shock absorbing rubber feet.
  • K6 Polly groove pulleys, & belt for maximum efficiency.
  • Custom High Temp Large frame 200 amp 12volt DC alternator.
  • 12-volt self-adjusting magnetic coupling coolant pumps.
  • Marine wet exhust elbow, heat exchanger and thermostat.
  • Set of installation diagrams and instructions.
  • Toll Free assistance line for installs or technical support.



Refrigeration compressor 150 GPM emergency bilge pump
8" Diameter
Hydraulic pump
D 4 1/4"
W 3 5/8"
H 3 3/8"
Shaft 9/16" dia.

      Custom Hydraulic/R.O. Attachments


View from the rearView from the top

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