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Dan Forest
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July 23, 2002

Dear Mr. Forest,

We thought you might like to hear about what great success we had with the Aqua Marine Watermaker on the recent voyage of our sail training vessel "Alaska Eagle " from Newport Beach, CA to Antarctica.

As you are aware, we originally chose Aqua Marine primarily because you were the most experienced with watermakers in cold/polar water. We also appreciated your suggestion of installing a heat exchanger to preheat the water before treating it.

We had plenty of water throughout the entire voyage, but we especially appreciated having the two legs to Antarctica and return changed from trips of gathering water to being able to flip a switch and have as much as we needed!

During the tropical legs we were making I gal./minute and in the Antarctic 1/2 gal./minute. This allowed us to run the boat with no concerns about water for a twelve member crew for the 13‑month voyage through the South Pacific to Pitcairn and Easter Islands, down the coast of Chile, to Antarctica and return to our base in Newport Beach. We had no problems with the units, and only had routine maintenance to perform.

Thank you for your contribution to the great success of this voyage!

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