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Designing Your Modular Watermaker Kit

Check kit specifications:

AquaGen / Kubota Kit
The AquaGen Kubota Kit

New From AquaMarine, Inc!

Why AquaMarine Watermakers?

AquaMarine, Inc. Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed with simplicity in mind. These high quality systems are built for ease of installation and operation, as well as dependability and economy. Check out these valuable features standard in all AquaMarine, Inc. systems.

Electric Kit Components
Electric Kit Component

Check the followiing areas for help identifying your specific system needs:

System Features   |   Sizing Your System   |   Installation   |   Drive Factors   |   Warranty

Kubota AquaGen Westerbeke Mounted Kit Modular 120 VAC/12 VDC Unit Main Frame Electric/Belt Kit Hydraulic pump drive
Kubota Aquagen Westerbeke S/S Mount Modular 120 VAC or 12 VDC Main Frame S/S 120 VAC or 12 VDC / Belt Drive Hydraulic Pump Drive


  • Flexible installation kits for electric driven or engine driven high pressure pumps. Belt drive systems can be driven from the front of the engine, from an additional pulley or belted from a generator or the prop shaft.
  • Significantly more economical especially when belt driven from an engine or generator.
  • Installation can be accomplished with the vessel in the water by utilizing existing thru hulls and strainers.
  • Preheat option using the engine's waste heat greatly enhances cold water performance.
  • AquaMarine incorporates routine post-operation flushing of the RO system.
  • Optional high pressure salt/fresh water deck and anchor chain wash system.
  • Capability for RO purification of potentially contaninated dock or foreign/fresh water sources.
  • The 8, 12, 16,24, and 40 gph systems are engineered for inexpensive expansion to increase flow rates.
  • No fixed RPM operation. Belt driven kits are engineered for an RPM window to yield 100% production from idle to cruising speeds.
  • Exclusive electric driven systems feature a low starting current high temperature environment motor that can function continously from a 2.5 kw square wave inverter or 3 kw genset.
  • Realizing that every vessel is different AquaMarine custom engineers each system to your particular application incorporating simplicity, quality, and dependability so that with proper maintenance your system should last up to 10 years or beyond.
  • Toll free 800 help line.
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First, think in terms of GPH (gallons per hour) rather than gallons per day. The bottom line is that you want to run your engine or generator set as little as possible, make water, refrigeration and charge batteries all at the same time. Therefore, the duty cycle is critical. If you can match your run time for water to that of batteries and refrigeration, you will maximize your engine and fuel efficiency. As a general rule, it is to your advantage to produce as much water in the shortest amount of time. When systems are sized too small, it requires additional run time to meet your requirements for potable water. This greatly detracts from your cruising enjoyment.

Quit rationing! Make it more efficient and maximize your fun!

Choose the AquaMarine svstem that best fits vour needs. Here is a broad list of capacities* that are available:

12 GPH 62 GPH
18 GPH 113 GPH
24 GPH 250 GPH

* The above flow rates are based on a TDS of 36,000 ppm at 78 degrees F. Flow rates are +/-5%

The average cruiser's daily consumption without rationing and including showers is approximately 7.5 gallons per day per person. Also, you must produce an extra 5 gallons per run to flush your system for maximum longevity of the components, particularly the membrane. Try the following guidelines. Also, build in a "fudge factor" for additional crew or system degradation as the system ages. We've rounded upward from 7.5 gpd per person to 10 gpd per person for plenty of leeway.

  1. Two people needing 10 gpd each equals 140 gallons per week.
  2. The 24 gph unit operating for 3 hours will produce 72 gallons.
  3. Subtract 5 gallons to flush yielding a net of 67 gallons for the three hours of running.
  4. Run twice per week will give nearly enough water to meet the demand (134 gallons per week).

Note: Using the same criteria the 40 gph pump running for only two hours per day, twice a week will yield 150 gallons per week, 10 % more water in 33% less time! Bigger is better!

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In many boats, there is simply not the room to install prepackaged mainframe units without loss of valuable locker space or other vital storage. More importantly, while in a few cases these mainframe units may be easier to install, access to important maintenance items is very limited. Aesthetics, access for maintenance, and efficiency are all reasons for installing system sub-assemblies as offered by AquaMarine.

By installing your RO system as sub-assemblies, you are able to locate the pre-filters in an easily accessable location. The control panel can be remotely located exactly where you want it. The RO membrane can also be located in a low heat environment. In addition, keep in mind, when you do want to expand your fresh water production, in most cases you can easily add an additional RO membrane!

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Electric driven systems at best provide a maximum of 60% efficiency because of the conversion from mechanical to electrical and back to mechanical energy. This is why at 93% to 95% efficiency it is better to belt drive the RO high pressure pump directly from the main engine or generator requiring less space, weight and maintenance.


"Keep It Simple Silly" .... AquaMarine prides itself on keeping the system simple. Less automation (with manual override), ease of access for maintenance, and trouble free installation, are benefits which include the self-sufficiency that every cruiser shoots for.

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Best In the industry
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane housing with Super Austenitic stainless steel end plugs has a lifetime limhed warranty to the original non-commercial marine purchaser.
  • The aluminum / nickel bronze and stainless high pressure pump heads carry a lifetime limited warranty to the original non-commercial marine purchaser.
  • All other components are covered by a limited two year warranty.
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