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Read what system users say about AquaMarine ...

AquaMarine Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed for performance and reliability. These high quality systems are built for years of reliable and economical operation. Check out below what some of the many satisfied AquaMarine system owners are saying. We also have a list of customers who are happy to be contacted as a reference. Take a look at our references page.

  • After more than eleven and a half years "SILKE" is now back in the States. We left California in 1991 heading west across the Pacific and after more than 40,000 miles have just arrived in Florida via the Suez Canal.
    Initially we made water with a PowerSurvivor 35 (now Pur) and had gotten used to skimping on water, lugging jerry jugs and taking salt water showers. About six years ago, while in Australia, we installed one of your sixteen gallon per hour units and all that has changed dramatically. We now have plenty of water and the unit has performed very well.
    We had been told that we would have difficulty with the high salt concentrations in the Red Sea, hot and cold water temperatures in various areas, jelly fish here and there, etc. We've never had a problem. Our unit makes sixteen gallons an hour under all conditions we've encountered and when I tested the salinity a while back it was better than specs.
    We know of many other cruisers who constantly have problems with watermakers. Your simple bare bones approach has worked very well for us and I heartily recommend it to others.
    John and Jo Aklonis aboard "SILKE", Port Canaveral, Florida

  • The St Roch II, Voyage of Rediscovery program was proud to have one of your fresh water RO units play such an important role in the recent historic voyage...not only did the Aquamarine unit permit a virtually unlimited supply of fresh water for the St Roch II, it permitted us the opportunity to supply fresh water to other vessels...the system was equally effective in the high artic...as it was during the hot and humid Panama passage. Superior installation and minimal maintenance made your equipment a pleasure to have along with us.
              Sgt. Kenneth K. Burton, RCMP, Captain 'St Roch II'
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  • We originally chose AquaMarine primarily because you were the most experienced with watermakers in cold/polar water. We had plenty of water throughout the whole voyage [from Newport Beach, CA to Antarctica], but we especially appreciated having the two legs to Antarctica and return changed from trips of gathering water to being able to flip a switch and have as much as we needed! This allowed us to run the boat with no concerns about water for a 12 member crew for the 13 month voyage. We had no problems with the units, and only had routine maintenance to perform.
              Brad Avery, Director, The School of Sailing & Seamanship, Orange Coast College.
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  •      "The watermaker has worked perfectly ... I think you are the most knowledgeable person around on watermakers. Thanks for a really fine unit."
              R. Caywood, LaPaz, Mexico

  •      "We are a Freya 39. We have the 600 gal/day model.
         We are getting 24 gph. We run about every 3 days, and only run for 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time. As far as the water taste - We both think it is great. No chemical overtones, tastes almost like bottled water to us.  ...  we love it.
         We spoke to about 12 Canadians on our way down the coast, in San Diego and LaPaz, who had AquaMarine makers also. They all loved them, and had not had any major problems. In fact, no one had had even any minor problems.
         It gives me great peace of mind for being in Mexico, and not knowing where water is good.     It's a great product!!"
              Ron Sparling

  •      "... Our watermaker was different story in that it performed better than rated. I bought a modular unit from AquaMarine that produced 400 gal/day. It consists of a pump, which bolts onto the auxiliary, and has a pulley driven by the existing fan belt. It is simply plumbed to a regulator, membrane, and then the water tank.  ...   It was very forgiving in that it functioned over a wide range of engine rpm, required few pre-filter changes, and had few backflushes. And I never pickled it - even after no use for two weeks. I don't recommend this kind of non-compliance, but I do feel that it reflects the simplicity and quality of the product. ..."
              Harold & Angela Crum, Pg 2l0 Latitude 38 Sept '96

  •      "... I purchased from you a 400 gal per day unit. I am very pleased with the operation and the product. From the first time the unit was operable I did not (use) the first gallon of water from any other source.
         ... The quality was great. To make the 16 gals./hour I never exceeded 650 psi with pump rpm in the 1850 area.
         ... The time saving, much less the wear and tear on an old man's bones make a RO System a must.
              R. E. Bellows, Gulf Breeze, Fl"

  •      "... I'd first like to pass on something that you are very much already aware of, and THE reason I chose your system over all the others. Down here in Mexico, I've talked to dozens of boatowners who have installed watermakers on their boats. Almost ALL of them can't get good water out of their units because they do not have the features that your kits do. Many of these poorly designed units you already know about.      ... I believe that frequent operation and religious backwashing are going to keep this system alive for a long time. MY WATER TASTES AS GOOD OR BETTER THAN THE BOTTLED WATER I USED TO PAY FOR And this is from the Sea of Cortez!
         ... Your procedures are EXCELLENT. ... your kit had everything that was needed to complete the installation: pictures, diagrams, instructions and procedures.
         ... If anyone wants to know if I'd buy this system again, I'll just give them a taste of my water and ask, "what do YOU think"?"
              Best Regards,
              Jim Sherman
              US S/V Hana Hou           (Formerly of Morro Bay, California)

  •      "... I want to thank you again for all the help you have given us in the past, and I have nothing but great things to say about our watermaker and the excellent support you have given us after purchase. Thanks again."
              Michael Sweeney, Gypsy Wind, Aruba

  •      "... We continue to be delighted with our ability to have as much water as we need and we have happily shared your name with many other cruisers interested in watermakers.
              With many thanks,"
              Robert G. Harnwell, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

  •      "... Armed with a half-dozen brochures and spec sheets, I made a detailed survey of where I might fit an RO system into my C&C Landfall 43.
         ... The total effort to install the AquaMarine system I chose required about 30 hours. The plumbing and wiring were not difficult ... I was not familiar with the use of high-pressure armored hose, but the detailed instructions and a supplied installation tool made the job straightforward. ... The system supplied included a complete selection of couplers, fittings and hoses.
         ... The additional capacity is appreciated, especially by guests aboard who still are able to enjoy those freshwater showers. Now, why not take the plunge and RO your boat?"
              Rick Muething      in Jan '97 Cruising World

  •      "... (We stopped at) Deer Harbor Marina, which recently underwent extensive rebuilding ...
         However, we weren't here for the sights -- Dan Forest, owner of Aqua Marine, who built our watermaker lives here, and he promised if we dropped in he'd check out the watermaker's installation. It's a good thing we took him up on his offer; several hours later we had the baby re-wired and reinstalled and running sweet (aah, now there's another story for you). Here's a guy who really provides after-sales servic ~ thanks Dan! (And no, this is not a paid endorsement!)"
              from "The Voyages of the Nomad" by Dan Schworer
             Oct '99 Northwest Yachting

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